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Reduce Labor Costs

Win more Bids

With the Agilast system,  you have invested in advanced technology that dramatically reduces labor costs. A three man crew can install 150 squares in a single day using one of our Agilast turnkey rigs.

Your customer invests in a higher quality roof not higher labor costs.

Become an Agilast Certified Contractor

Increasing environmental concerns and low-ball bids from competitors are putting pressure on quality contractors. As an Agilast certified contractor, you'll be way ahead of the competition. The ecologically friendly Agilast roofing systems satisfy environmental concerns and outstanding productivity sets you free to bid competitively.

Turnkey System

Chopped fiberglass and emulsion have been around since the sixties. It wasn't until Agilast put it all together in a highly engineered turnkey system that emulsion bound chopped fiberglass really began to gain market share. Today, over 30 million sq. /ft. of commercial roofs have been installed using our system.

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Agilast, MFG

 Spur, TX 79370

Agilast, MFG

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